Assumption-St. Bridget Service

Source: KING 5 NEWS, SEATTLE (click for video)

There’s no question a group of third graders from Assumption St. Bridget School are going places. On this day, they bypass the playground to play to an older crowd.

Every other Thursday they make their pilgrimage to Ida Culver House, an assisted living retirement community. This is not your average play date.

“To visit with the people who live here and to talk with them,” said third grader Hana Hyde.

It’s a school tradition that’s been around longer than the kids have been alive. One that is full of teachable moments for everyone involved.

“It feels good because they don’t usually get a visit because they’re a little bit older and not as many people come,” explained 8-year-old J.J. Kane.

The kids learn a lot while they’re here, including how to break down the barriers of age and experience with a crowd they don’t usually run with.

“I like that we get to have this experience with them and be able to make them feel good,” said third grader Elle McCormick.

Ida Culver House was started by a teacher decades ago. So to the residents, many of whom are retired teachers themselves, it makes sense that there’s a lesson.

“They’re new to life,” said resident Barbara Miller. “They don’t have much cynicism yet. And it’s nice to see some young people and to feel they’re interested in meeting us.”

It’s a partnership that works– providing a chance for residents and their young guests to make a life-changing connection as great as the years between them.